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Four-angle wrist stretches

Having wrist pain, tension or just looking to loosen up before an activity? Here is a safe way to stretch your wrists.

First: Your stretch should be gentle

If you are having pain with a stretch, something may be tearing.  Sometimes necessary, but better done under supervision.  If unable to stretch without pain seek professional guidance.  For more info on static and dynamic stretches look at the blog on how to stretch better

Wrist flexion:

Hold out your hand in front of you. Fingers hanging down, palm facing towards you. Place the opposite hand above your fingers and apply gentle pressure until you feel tension (not pain) anywhere from your wrist to your elbow. Please note, pressure is applied to the back of the hand, not the fingers. Hold for 30 seconds, then move to your next stretch.

Wrist flexion

Wrist Extension:

Stretch your hand in front of you looking at your nails. Use the opposite hand on the palm of the hand being stretched. Apply gentle pressure until you feel tension, not pain. Pressure can be applied by straightening the elbow of the side being stretched. You may also need to pull with the opposite hand to get a stretch. If you feel pain, stop. You are either pulling too hard or there is something else going on. Hold for 30 seconds, then move to your next stretch.

This is also wrist extension, but the prayer or even reverse prayer stretch are not my preferred methods. It is easier to be gentle and controlled when stretching one side at a time. Both wrists are not likely equally tight and so you can accidentally over-stretch one side. This move is better used as a mobilization.

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Internal Rotation

The palm of the stretched hand is facing you. The opposite hand grasps the stretched hand above the wrist but below the thumb. The palm of the opposite hand will be against the back of the stretch hand. Straighten your arms and this should cause the stretched hand to rotate. There should not be a stretch in the thumb. As with all of these hold for thirty seconds with gentle pressure, and tension but not pain.

When using your hands for any activity, think about positioning.

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The position of strength for your wrist is when it is neutral. You are stressing the joint when flexed or extended. You are strong, resilient, and can handle being flexed or extended. But it is good to be conscious of positioning because it is safest to load in the neutral position.

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Dr. Martin C. Donnelly, DC, CCEP, CKTP, FAKTR-PM, GRASTON Certified,
Assistant Adjunct Professor of Clinical Sciences University of Bridgeport.

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