September 14, 2018

Hurry up and fix me, Doc!

There’s usually a few questions that patients ask consistently when they’re beginning treatment. What are you going to do, how much will it cost, and how long will it take are among the most commonly asked questions. Today we’re going to dive into the last question: how long will it take until I’m better. The tried and true answer for this is simple. It depends! That being said, there are always multiple factors that contribute
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It seems like everyone has an opinion on how you should perform movements like squats or deadlifts. Feet wide vs narrow, toes pointed our vs straight, ass-to-grass vs stopping at parallel, etc. Well don’t worry, there’s good news. The universal truth about what position is best for these movements is…drumroll please..It depends. On you and your anatomy. I almost always assess the squat during initial examinations with patients. I have seen the full range of
There is an interesting debate that goes on in health care facilities. If someone hurts their back, should they ever deadlift? I have seen Doctors tell patients a hard “No”, even for deadlifting 20 lbs. And I’ve also seen Doctors not only encourage patients to get back to lifting, but actually coach people to perform proper deadlifts, sometimes even in the clinic! So, if you have back pain, should you be deadlifting?   Here’s the
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Plantar fasciitis can be debilitating. It feels like someone is trying to tear apart the bottom of your foot with an ice pick. Anyone who has had to deal with this problem knows the type of pain I’m talking about. So, what actually happens in plantar fasciitis? First we’ll take a deeper look at the foot to get a better understand of how this problem develops.   To give some scope, the foot is amazingly
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It’s extremely common for people to experience both neck and shoulder pain. This is jokingly referred to by experts as “shneck” pain. Today we’ll be talking about why your shoulder pain may be caused by your neck, and some things you can do about it. Why would I have shoulder pain if my neck is the problem? The cervical spine (neck bones) house your spinal cord. All of the nerves that go to your shoulder,
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