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Bikram Hot Yoga: FAR EAST Perspective

Have you ever heard your Bikram instructor lauding the benefits of this yoga in relation to your sleep, your thyroid, pancreas, kidneys, large intestines, and even boosting your immune system and sex drive?  For many, this may be hard to believe and scientifically, this is hard to prove, but to negate the potential of these claims, will only limit the benefits to your practice.  So keep an open mind and let your practice speak to you.

Reason why I believe yoga can help benefit those many areas’s in your body is because yoga works on each human body on a holistic level.  It stretches you from head to toe, so for many, one might experience the benefits in there kidneys, where others might experience such in there large intestines.  This concept coincides with how some feeling the stretch in their hamstrings, while others feeling the stretch in there neck.  Everything is connected and in the end, your body will feel what it needs to feel!  It is important to let these poses do all the work.  Your only job is to enjoy, relax, focus, and breathe.

So what have been your results?  Please testify below.