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patient of beyond wellness shoulder after physical therapy appointment in ashburn va

My shoulder hurts, what can I do about it right NOW?

Ice has been used for a long time to decrease pain, spasm, and swelling. If you are experiencing pain, spasms, or swelling proper use of ice can be found here.

No ice available? Try the T-Rex arm exercise.

“T-Rex arms” is an exercise that mobilizes the shoulder and wakes up the external rotator muscles that help stabilize the shoulder. If you saw “Meet the Robinsons” you know that a T-rex has little arms and a big head. That line always made me laugh when my kids would watch this movie, and it is what my patients look like when doing it. To be honest you will look a little goofy doing this. BUT IT WORKS, sometimes. Certainly, worth trying.

What do I do?

  • Hold your elbows pinned to your sides with the elbows bent to 90 degrees.
  • Start with your hands across your belly one hand on top of the other.
  • Open your arms, but do not let the elbows move from your sides.
  • Then recross the arms opposite hand on top.
  • Repeat 30-100 times.

Did it work? – Yes

  • Great, try it again as a warmup before your next shoulder exercise or whenever your shoulder hurts again.
  • Consider doing this exercise (click to follow link ) to stabilize your glenohumeral joint (the ball and socket part).
  • Consider seeing one of our doctors at Beyond Wellness, chiropractic offices in Virginia, if the pain is severe, traumatic in nature (car accident, hit with a bat, fell off a cliff, shot, etc.), there is a painful “clunk”, or it does not improve after a couple of days.

Did it work? – No?

  • Visit one of our locations and see a medical professional at Beyond Wellness. We specialize in acupuncture, dry needling, reiki, and more.

We can help accelerate the healing process and teach you how to break the cycle of pain returning with use. Contact Beyond Wellness, a local chiropractor in Virginia at 703-723-9355 or www.mybwdoc.com