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Potomac River Running – Review

Why is a running shoe store on our network of healthy things to check out?

Quality shoes, mattress’s, and food are essential to healthy living.  Good shoes and beds are some of the few material things in life that I believe in really investing in with time, research, and costs.

At PRR, you will get fitted with the right shoe by experts whom are all athletes themselves, and whom will analyze and video-record your gait and running form with you. I can’t say enough about how important it is to understand your personal small details in your stride. Understanding that and fixing such problems can help you achieve multiple Personal Record’s and more importantly, keep you injury free throughout your athletic career.

b)  Why not any other running store?

Because the shoes selected here are hand picked by the owners.   Only the best are carried here for your personal goals and endeavors on the streets, track, or trails.

They also are a local small business and hold many Community running events for us to enjoy.  So support those that support us!

Their FREE Saturday morning injury screenings in which we participate in are awesome ways for you to get expert advice on prevention and potential injuries that may be happening in your training endeavors.

Wow, they really do a lot…

Not to mention, they are conveniently located all over Northern Virginia.

Check them out here to see what they are all about and sign up for a race!